Bodhi Education Project

To know more about marine life in the school trip


For most of us taking a field travel was one of the best parts of going to school, as it was observed a travel filled with fun and joy. You get to leave your school places and adventure out into something that you have never experienced before, and above all a school trip means no learning and no homework!

Why Sea Life?


See life is the most interesting aquarium in the whole of Birmingham, and there is nothing more fabulous that you could witness, as it can make your jaws drop with excitement. Going to aquarium means getting connection with real-life creatures, that you may perhaps seen on Discovery Channel, but have never got an opportunity to come face-to-face.

To learn about 1000s Of Creatures in see life accommodates some of the most gorgeous species that you have, you may find 500 species collected from every part of the world involving the rarest species for you to know them up close, so that you get to know their habitat, food habits, type and interactive level. To know about sea life aquarium has protect its complete area with 14 variant themes spread over three floors. Every aquarium design that you simply see right here is tailor-made for the comfort of their viewers, and has been implemented with unconventional design styles that can make you feel as if you are literally under the sea, with sea creatures staring right at your face!


The best part is that they give consideration to school trip students or groups with benefits like accessing the working area that is usually closed for the public, where you can learn large about reading and research programs. You’re also allowed into kitchens where fish food is prepared and can see the different type of varieties prepared for different species that you may have assumed just feed on leaves under water!