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Go Further in Your Field with an IT Degree

Go Further in Your Field with an IT Degree

Information technology is one of the hot degrees of 2013. IT graduates go into a variety of fields like business, computers and communications. Most importantly they are able to get a job in a field that pertains to their education and interests. There are even careers in education as more and more schools develop online programs for students. Many students are even asking for online programs for IT Degrees because they are so popular. While being able to get a job and make a decent salary are two of the best reasons to go into IT, there are a few others as well.

Go Further in Your Field with an IT Degree

1. A Broader Playing Field

Most industries use some type of information technology, which makes these degrees highly flexible for any kind of interest. Whether you want to start a business or you have an idea to build a new Cloud security program, your skills translate to any market. Software development, cybersecurity, software application development, project management and software engineering are a few fields that have the most diversity.

2. Rolling Stones

Another major benefit of IT is that it’s a constantly changing field. There are new technologies in development all the time. Whether you work as a software developer for a big business or you have your own software development team, you can develop some of the best new technology for people to communicate, browse online, secure information and much more. Much of today’s IT professionals are going back to school for more training in tablet and mobile commuting, which has hit a considerable boom in the past year. That’s why so many students are looking into accredited network admin school online training and certificate programs.

3. Highly Intellectual Atmosphere

When you work in information technology, you’re around other people who live and breathe software development or communications technology. Of course it’s important that you work well with teams, but there are also positions in IT that allow you to work on sole projects. You also will work around some of the world’s cutting edge technology and even work on developing new technology yourself.

4. In Demand

Information technology graduates are in demand. Jobs in this field are expected to continuously increase through 2020 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it’s exciting to think that so many jobs are available, the competition is pretty stiff. Graduates with higher degrees, current projects and modern training will stand out in the hiring process.

5. Helping Others

If you love to solve problems and provide security solutions, then information technology is definitely the right field for you. IT can help people communicate better, but it can also provide more tools to get tasks done faster and more efficiently. You can also secure information and create intuitive cloud databases that make it easier for people to access and store information.

IT degrees are experiencing a huge boom right now as companies struggle to come to grip with the Internet age. They are working harder than ever to bring on bright individuals with experience in online technology and software development.